Anti Spam Software

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Software BY Comodo

It is a dependable, cloud-primarily based protection that scans fast and updates continuously to encompass the today’s malware facts from around the world. Comodo’s unfastened antivirus software program provides the high-quality safety from malware times, virus contamination, and suspicious hidden documents.

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Software with TLS encryption

It is completely compatible with Office 365. Manage your e-mail security at every stage, block spams and messages relying upon their IP addresses, spear phishing for as soon as and all with the aid of the use of cloud-primarily based junk mail filter out software program, ZEROSPAM.

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Available in 11 languages

MailCleaner is a splendid anti-junk mail software program that may without difficulty apprehend the classify the newsletters and block the unnecessary ones over a single click on. As it comes with wed-baaed consumer management facility, you can get complete preserve over your commercial enterprise e-mail access.

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Take Control of Your Inbox

Xeams is a comfy and private mail server with a powerful integrated mail server. Xeams maps and analyzes every electronic mail coming inside and out of your server and gives a myriad of features to provide customers with the pleasant protection for their on-line communications.

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Installation free operations

Ditch the concern of being duped by means of those phishing emails and benefit full manage over your inbox by way of the usage of SaaS-based unsolicited mail blocker, Spambrella. Its anti-spam answers are of excessive merits and assist you scan and filter the spams at every degree.

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GFI MailEssentials

Software with Kerio Control

Its tremendous anti-phishing gear, flexible operations, and clean getting to know curve have accumulated a terrific consumer base. Designed as according to GDPR, GFI MailEssentials is powerful unsolicited mail filter out software program that may safeguard your enterprise emails over a unmarried click.