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Take Control of Your Inbox

Xeams is a comfy and private mail server with a powerful integrated mail server. Xeams maps and analyzes every electronic mail coming inside and out of your server and gives a myriad of features to provide customers with the pleasant protection for their on-line communications.

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Software BY Sophos Ltd

E net explorer, chrome, and Firefox. Easy to set up, provide current safety, block useless statistics and faraway management. Also available on browser i. It very secures your touchy medicinal services data very still, in movement, or being used, and support your efforts to observe HIPAA. Sophos is a free home community monitoring software program.

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Software with TLS encryption

It is completely compatible with Office 365. Manage your e-mail security at every stage, block spams and messages relying upon their IP addresses, spear phishing for as soon as and all with the aid of the use of cloud-primarily based junk mail filter out software program, ZEROSPAM.

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Installation free operations

Ditch the concern of being duped by means of those phishing emails and benefit full manage over your inbox by way of the usage of SaaS-based unsolicited mail blocker, Spambrella. Its anti-spam answers are of excessive merits and assist you scan and filter the spams at every degree.